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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dear Souls –

        After taking a few months break from much writing here, I’m back in a new leaner, tougher form. Why should I do this website and just play sweet pansy? If you can handle this, then hang around, but if not . . . then head for the fancy theology sites you can find in abundance all over the web. But I’m certain this is the only site where you can crawl around inside the heart of a born and raised Orthodox Christian. For what that’s worth.

        If you’ve spent any time here at all, then you know I’m not in favor of church rubbish. Most of religion is church rubbish and worthy of my neighbor’s Scoopity Doo man who visits them once a week with a bucket and shovel. You figure out the rest…

        God is not about three levels of faithful Orthodox Christians as one priest lamented in his homily. I’m certain there exists an infinite assortment of faithful humans taking all sorts of forms; only God knows them for sure. And whether or not you can recite the twelve Feast days, as suggested by this misguided priest, is irrelevant. The eleventh commandment is not: Thou shalt puff thyself up with knowledge. No, God gave Moses Ten Commandments, and if that was enough for God, then that’s enough for me.

         Where is God? Isn’t that the ultimate question we must ask ourselves? Will I see God more clearly if I can properly recite the twelve Feast days? I must confess that I stumble over the Nicene Creed, but I’m a whiz at reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Is intelligence or diligent study a measure of proximity to God? Shall I attend seminary, so I can find God with a brain stuffed full of facts? Or will all those facts get in the way of my heart, which is where I’ll really find the Kingdom of God.

             And, when I find God, how will I know it is G-O-D? Will His presence make me shield my eyes or shake in my shoes? Will He tap me on the shoulder when I’m at church, or will He course through my heart when I’m out surfing? What if I’m busy trying to memorize the twelve Feast days and I miss his presence, will he come back again at a more convenient time for me?

             Someone once told me a story of their encounter with God. They did not shield their eyes, or shake in their shoes. They just stood there amazed wondering why no one else noticed anything at all. But, they said there was no doubt they felt God coursing through their bones with an energy you couldn’t miss. So, I suspect the energy of God would be obvious to me even though I don’t know the twelve Feast days by heart after a lifetime….

              I must stay focused on G-O-D, and away from all the rubbish.

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